Affiliate Marketing Company in India

Affiliate marketing is very popular marketing strategy which is based on performance. You know For affiliate we need three channels.


Advertiser: Advertiser is a fist block of this chain. An advertiser can be an individual person or company which sell our product. An Advertiser always tries to sell his/her product through any promotional activity. In Affiliate marketing an advertiser pay something that channel or promoter which helping to sell advertiser product.

Publisher: Publisher is a second block of this chain. It is company or individual person who helps to promote advertiser product or service through any combination offer, banner, or link in own website. For this favour, publishers earn some money (commission) or other benefit.

Consumer: Consumer is a third block or final part of this chain. Consumer is person the person who sees the overall program or combination of affiliate marketing. After that try to take some action like buying something.

Affiliate Network Services India

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Types of Affliate Marketing Services

There are different-different types of Affilite marketing services, please check below the details:

Significance Of A Good Affiliate Marketing Provider