Ultimate & Complete SEO On-page Checklist for 2022

If you want to rank your website organically on Google page then your website should be proper optimized according to Google guidelines. To rank website we have to do search engine optimization (SEO) for that website and optimize it for the particular keyword or set of keywords.

Last year Google rolled-out various new updates which impact the previous strategy of SEO on-page and off-page both so here we are sharing a complete on-page checklist which could be help you to rank your website on SERP Top page.

seo on-page checklist 2022

  1. Use Your Primary keywords on targeted page Title

To get rank on a particular keywords you should add your targeted keywords on targeted page title. As according to google SERP, Meta title helps the user to understand all about that page. It also helps to improve page click to ratio (CTR) so you should make your page title with the use of your primary keywords and it should be attractive.

  1. Optimize your page description properly with keywords

According to Google guideline we have limited space to put the keyword in title, so description can help here to describe about that page or services with your primary & secondary keywords. Through Meta description you can also describe your unique selling point to attract the user and improve the CTR.

  1. Title length should be according to Google Guideline.

Recently google rolled-out an update for spam title and according to it Google re-write the title for those web pages which seems spam & lengthy (not following Google title length guideline). So you should create your page title & description according to Google guideline length.

  1. Use Your Primary Keywords In H1.

As we know that after title & description Google gives advantage Heading Tags (especially H1) so you should add your keywords in H1. But make sure you don’t make it meaningless and spam. Even Google is also use sometime H1 as Title in case it re-write your original title.

  1. URL should be search engine friendly

Many times we put a particular query on Google or other search engines and see following things before click on a particular result, such as title, description and URL of that particular-result, in this case if your URL is not search engine as well as user friendly then it could be decrease your CTR.  Proper search engine friendly URLs also help to navigate a user page one to page two. For example there 2 good websites which is selling mobile phones for various brands and a particular user is searching for “Apple 13 Mobile” and both the websites are ranking under top 3 results with 2 different-different URL structure like:

  • abc.com/brand/apple/12
  • abc.com/123/123/12

In this case the chances of clicking by user would be higher for 1st URL as compare to 2nd.

  1. Broken links

Sometime it may be possible that you have optimized all of your targeted pages but there are few pages which are not working properly and having following errors.

  • 404
  • 500
  • 403

So in this case you should check your website broken links first and fix them as it could be damage your branding and can lose your potential traffic, to check your website broken links you can use various online tools such as deadlinkchecker, brokenlinkcher etc.

  1. Fresh and Unique content.

SEO is primarly based on two important factors, one is content and secondary is backlinks. So content is one of the most important factor to get rank your website on top page, so if you want to rank your website then you should write & add content based on following factors.

  • Duplicate content– you can check your website page content manually or you can use some online tools to check your website content duplicacy.
  • Use of keywords in your web content – You can put your primary and secondary keywords under your web content with ideal ratio.
  • Follow keyword density, prominence & proximity – These 3 factors are very important for all the web page contents, as whenever you write the content for your targeted landing page you should write the content with proper density and prominence & proximity.
  1. Website should be mobile responsive.

According to a google update, now Google firstly indexed your website mobile version so if your website is not mobile responsive then you can lose a big part of your organic traffic as most of the user visits the website through the mobile devices, to check your website mobile responsiveness you can check few online tools, which shows proper results for all your website pages and in case your website pages are not mobile responsive then you should fix this issue.

  1. Website loading time should be good.

In the last paragraph we mentioned that nowadays most of the traffic is coming from the mobile devices and in case your website is not mobile responsive then you can lose a big part of organic traffic, at the same time you should also check your website loading time which should be less than 2 seconds because if your website is taking too much time to load then user can bounce from the website and it can also impact your ranking, traffic and user engagement.  

  1. Website should have SSL Certificate

Few industry expert says that SSL is necessary only for those websites which are offering a service with payment option as we need SSL certificate to secure the website payment gateways and other functionality, but few industry experts recently announce that we should use SSL certificate for all types of websites whether they are offering the transaction based services or just offering a general services. Even few industry expert says that SSL could also help to boost your website ranking and Google gives advantage those websites which are using SSL certificate.

  1. Canonical Issue

Sometime we find that a website or a webpage is opening with 2 or 3 different-different URLs with the same content such as abc.com, www.abc.com https://www.abc.com in this case Google or other search engine can count these pages are there different-different pages of your website but with the same content and your website can penalize due to duplicate content on 3 different-different pages, basically this is the canonical issue , so in this case you can fix this issue with following solutions.

  • You can use 301 redirect and redirect both the URLs to your preferred URL
  • You can also add canonical tag on both the pages (for your preferred version).

These are some important factors which you should check whenever you optimize your website however to get some better results and if you are not expert in SEO or you want to outsource of SEO work a company then you should try India’s one of the best digital marketing company “sixsoftmedia.com”. sixsoftmedia is a complete digital marketing solution provider.


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